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Stewards for Masses

For any Mass to take place we need stewards in the church. Full training be given prior to anyone acting as a steward.

Can I be a steward?
Stewards should NOT be drawn from those instructed to shield themselves, nor, as a general rule, from groups considered more vulnerable to coronavirus.

What is the role of Stewards?
Stewards should aim to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to Mass ahead of other parishioners. They should wash and/or sanitise their hands on arrival.

The main entrance door should be propped open with the doorstop and the exit door to the right of the altar should also be propped open using the hook on the back of the door. The fire exit door on the left of the altar (opposite the toilet) should be unbolted but not left open. Windows should be opened.

They must ensure that people use hand sanitiser on the tables at entry and exit points. They must check that people have booked in. Anyone who has not booked in cannot be admitted unless there are any free spaces or no shows. They must direct people towards available seats as per the seating plan.

They must ensure that social distancing is maintained within the church.

They should ask people with cold or flu-like symptoms not to enter to church.

They should instruct people regarding the one-way system for entering and exiting.

They should direct the congregation to receive Holy Communion. Starting from the front of the church, please ask one row from each side to go up to the priest in turn, in single file and maintaining social distancing.

They should show people where to find the newsletter and advise them that they must take it away with them when they leave. Any newsletters found in the pews after Mass should be disposed of.

They should clean the church at the end of each Mass.

All doors and windows should be closed and locked at the end of the shift.

We need stewards for the proposed resumption of the 6pm Saturday Mass and possible weekday Masses, if you can help contact Katherine on 07985 214854 or email

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