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A Message from Father Patrick – 23rd May 2020

Dear Parishioners

In this last week of the month of May we recall that this month is dedicated to our blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary. Throughout the whole world parishioners gather to share in crowning a statue of our Lady and proceed into church with the statue. Clearly this has not been possible for us in England under our present circumstances, but in our hearts we can certainly enthrone her, and dedicate ourselves to sharing her work of proclaiming her Son as Saviour.

In our garden, apart from a beautiful white lily, symbolising our Lady’s purity, we have an abundance of the most beautiful array of marigolds.

Saint Bernard saw heaven reflected in the floral golden hues of the marigold, named in honour of our Lady – Mary’s Gold. See a marigold, pray the Hail Mary, thank God for the glory of His creation. Now we look forward to Pentecost, when we too are filled with the glory of God through His Holy Spirit.

God bless, Fr Patrick

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