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A Message from Father Patrick – 30th August 2020

Our Lady, Mother of Christians

Dear Parishioners
How we need the prayers of our Mother during this pandemic time!  
She has a special place in our hearts because she has a special place in God’s plan for us.   Through her Assumption the ineffable Holy Trinity praises itself with an everlasting dance of joy, causing all things to behold Mary through God’s grace which overflows in her.

This is how God shows us the way to praise him.   Mary’s glorification in heaven is an integral part of how God desires to make His love known to human beings, and of how He pours out His grace.   Mary’s Assumption invites us not merely to see what God is doing for her, but also to see the staggeringly personal love of the Holy Trinity given to us in Jesus Christ, her Son.

Mary, assumed into heaven, help us to praise God with due devotion.   Mary, immaculate, help us to live pure and holy lives.   Mary, Mother of Christians, pray for us in this time of pandemic.  Amen.

God Bless Father Patrick

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