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A Message from Father Patrick – 30th May 2020

Dear Parishioners

This Sunday we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost, recalling the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples. They were transformed, enthused, and were thereby empowered to proclaim the news of the Kingdom worldwide.

At Christ the King we usually celebrate this special day by praying the Intercessions in as many languages as we can, expressing the universality of Christ’s Church.

This year we cannot pray in this way, but we may meditate with St Basil the Great on the Spirit of God, recalling our own Confirmation, and our receiving of God’s Spirit through the Laying-on-of -hands.

St Basil reminds us that the Spirit of God is called Spirit of Truth, Upright Spirit, Guiding Spirit, and Holy Spirit, proceeding from the Father.

We turn to the Spirit for our sanctification, for He is the source of holiness. The Spirit is present like the sun to each individual who is capable of receiving Him Through Him hearts are raised on high, and the advanced gain perfection.
He shines on purified and stainless hearts and makes them truly spiritual through the common union they have with Him.

His grace enables the spiritual to foresee the future, to understand mysteries, to receive spiritual blessings and, having their thoughts fixed on heavenly things, to dance with the angels. Thus they acquire likeness to God, and so – most sublime of all – they themselves become divine. Alleluia.

Keep safe and God bless.

Father Patrick

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