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A Message from Father Patrick – 9th May 2020

Dear Parishioners
The Sisters of St Elisabeth’s Convent, Belarus, who visit Christ the King church with icons for sale, are members of the Eastern Orthodox church. One of their traditions is to greet one another with ‘Christ is Risen’ every day from Easter until Ascension Day. Another of their traditions is to celebrate the ‘Myrrh-bearing Women’ on the Second Sunday following Easter. The myrrh-bearers had brought funeral spices and ointments to finish committing Christ’s body to the grave. Consequently, they were the first to discover the empty tomb where Jesus had been laid, and they were instructed by the risen Lord to bring the joyful news of His resurrection to the Apostles.

How often do we, like those women, make plans which never come to fruition?   Yet nevertheless our plans lead on beyond our good intentions to an even greater result which we could never have imagined.   The myrrh-bearers’ intention to anoint the Lord’s body was frustrated, but it led to their being commissioned to be the first proclaimers of the Resurrection.   Never give up when a good plan doesn’t work out.   Look to see how the Lord will use our frustration to bring about an even greater good.

God Bless – Father Patrick

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