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A Message from Father Patrick – 2nd May 2020

Dear Parishioners
After Easter the disciples of our Lord gathered together in the Upper Room where our Lord had instituted the Holy Eucharist. He appeared to them a number of times. On one occasion St Thomas was not present. On another occasion the Lord entered, although the door was locked. He spoke to Thomas to assure him that the Resurrection really had taken place, and Jesus was truly alive, not a ghost. The disciples experienced a sense of fear, with a feeling of timidity in the face of the unbelieving Jewish community.

Many people now share some of the disciples’ feelings during the shut-down of so much of British enterprise. We even have a fear of each other, needing timidly to keep at a safe distance away from any close contact. We also fear the unseen, but very real, coronavirus itself. The disciples had the comfort of each other’s company. In our isolation we can’t enjoy each other’s company, but we have the consolation of our Lord’s presence with us always, as He promised, entering through our closed doors. We cannot see Him, but He comes to our hearts and fills us with courage. We also have the comfort of knowing that we pray for each other to help us through these difficult times.

Please be mindful of the daily Mass intentions in this newsletter. Our prayers are so important, so let’s keep praying. Use your rosary beads to concentrate on the great mysteries of our salvation and offer your meditation for all your intentions, keeping close to our Lord.
May our Lady join her prayers with ours.

God bless
Father Patrick

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